Jedson Technology X-Ways X-Tensions

 The baseline X-Tension for X-Ways Forensics  (a single DLL file) was designed for law enforcement agencies and requires a licensed version of X-Ways Forensics to be running. This DLL is called from within X-Ways Forensics, normally after a volume snapshot has been refined. The baseline X-Tension produces XML reports and file archive folders that are compatible with 'C4All'. The additional variants were added in response to specific needs, based on the advanced features available in various follow-on categorization applications. These variants provide output files and folder layouts that are slightly different from the original 'KPF' variant. 

Different Variants include

X-Ways Forensics X-Tension:  XwaysKPF_x64.dll

Semantics 21 variant:  Semantics21_x64.dll

ZIUZ variant: XTension_ZIUZ_x64.dll

JSON variant: JSONxtension_x64.dll


In 2014, I  thought of the concept to develop an X-Tension to aid C4All extractions from X-Ways.  Steve , my cousin and owner at Jedson Technologies, has been the sole developer/programmer of the X-Tensions since inception.  I have always been the main beta tester and "new ideas needed" guy.   The orginal version "XwaysKPF" was named after the Kingston Police Force, the Force I worked for at the time.   The X-Tension has now grown to include extractions that can be imported and used in Semantics 21 (proprietary XML) , Ziuz, and any other software that use and understand XML and JSON formated output.   It is now used around the world by law enforcement to aid in processing CSEM cases. 

Training in the use of the different varaints, especially Semantics 21, can also be arranged.   Please contact sales@f111thconsulting.com for any requests.