Located near Kingston, Ontario Canada.  F111th Consulting has more than 14 years experience in law enforcement computer forensics, with 9 years as part of the Provincial Strategy to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet in Ontario.  X-Ways Forensics has always been the forensic software of choice in completing hundreds of cases.

Starting in June 2023,  we are able to provide training to large classes (10-20 attendees) or more personalized smaller groups (min 3-4 attendees per session depending on location or email for a quote).   

These classes can be arranged directly for a convenient time, rather than waiting for localized training to appear on X-Ways Software Technology AG website.    ( however, if the class is open to more than your organization, or law enforcement only,  information may be posted on the X-Ways Software Technology AG training page to attract attendees.)

Rate for Local Training

XWF I courses XWF II courses

Regular Rate $2400 CAD   Regular Rate $1700 CAD

Govt Rate  $2250 CAD Govt Rate  $1580 CAD

***There may be a small processing fee depending on method of payment***

X-Ways Forensics 1 training     XWF 1 training